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RE: swiss-list: Good News!! & Political Opinion

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RE: swiss-list: Good News!! & Political Opinion

From: John Schwaller <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 17:07:50 -0400
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[Although politics in general and current political events in particular are a
fascinating discussion topic, and I'm sure there are lots of different
opinions, please redirect any further emails regarding this topic to our
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My father who is Swiss, has been waiting for his approval for US citizenship
now for 2-1/2 years and has finally enlisted the aid of his employers'
attorneys. His firm happens to be a world-wide oil equipment supplier, so
this happens to everyone not just all foreigners or even those with
unfavorable "political" affiliation.

I do not respond to political opinions and I do not condone it on this
swiss-list; however, I feel the need and fortunately have the freedom to
respond to Jan's and others I have seen posted here.

Jan, if you followed politics closely, you would understand that our current
administration listens to world opinion. The world opinion, better known as
the UN, simply did not follow through on what it said it would do. This is
undoubtedly due to the fact that if they followed through on the UN
resolution that was passed, some nations with contracts with Iraq would
certainly lose that revenue. Oh yeah, oil for food??? How many UN members
and countries got kickbacks for that and how much food did the Saddam regime
distribute and how much money did he keep??? It is my recollection that
several of those countries and UN members are those countries which did not
support the US.

As a Swiss citizen living in the US now for 36 years, the beauty of living
here is the freedom. Either vote the current administration out or move to
another country where you do not have the opportunities enjoyed by over 250M
people to succeed in anything you want to do. I'm sorry the Iraqi people
did not have that opportunity until now. Unfortunately, they may never
understand the beauty of freedom. Fortunately for us that live here and
vote here, we have that freedom that so many have sacrificed to give and
keep for us.


John Schwaller
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