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RE: swiss-list: visa

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RE: swiss-list: visa

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Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 23:40:22 -0700
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I have just had my J-1 visa two weeks ago from the Bern embassy. I
scheduled my appointment one month ago but it could have been done in
less. Three weeks should be enough but since they are pretty busy these
months, do it as soon as possible. Normally they ask the following
information when someone call:

Type of visa
Passport number
Type of residency permit (if you are not Swiss)

Once it is scheduled and you go to the embassy with all your papers for
the visa (passport, DS-2019 for J-1, residency permit if not Swiss, 2
photos and the receipt of the visa fee and of course all the needed
forms), it normally takes two or three days. It also depends on the
nationality, I know people from some countries (basically those the US
think have ties with terrorist activities and some other "unfriendly"
countries) for which it took from one week to one month. In my case, it
took three days, I'm Bolivian. The first day I went to the embassy,
second day they sent it from Bern and I received the visa the third day.

Some tips for the appointment. They are going to tell you one given
hour, let's say 10h30. Go before because there will be more people ahead
because you are not going to be the only one with an appointment at
10:30. Basically if you arrive at 10:30, you will have to wait for the
guys who were scheduled at 9:00 and those who will arrive with you at
10:30! I was scheduled at 10h30 and arrived in time but I finally
entered into the embassy at noon and still had to wait one hour inside
before I was called. Be ready to spent all the morning and take a good

I hope it helps and good luck!


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