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Re: swiss-list: GSM/GPRS/EDGE in CH? data services on prepaid SIM? broadband Internet in CH?

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Re: swiss-list: GSM/GPRS/EDGE in CH? data services on prepaid SIM? broadband Internet in CH?

From: Daniel Gerald Kluge <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 14:36:56 +0100
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.612)

On Feb 10, 2004, at 2:06 AM, Chris Cavigioli wrote:

> Here is some of the learning I have experienced so far...
> PHONE CARDS (fixed network)
> I still haven't found the right calling card.
> The comparis.ch web site doesn't touch calling cards, but it's a great
> site for other info.

Depends what your calling card is supposed to do, and what rates you
are expecting. I've found (while in the states) that cognicall delivers
very good results. They accept international customers and have (IMHO)
very good rates. See http://ld.net/products/?product=cogcall

> I re-discovered that the Swiss STILL don't have phones that can do
> Touch-Tones [DTMF or MF-Wahl] during a call in progress!!
> ...especially not in office PBXes!!! Can you believe it in 2004?

Um, that's a load of unqualified BS, but never mind.

I guess you are using a Simens Hicom PBX? The default (for some reason)
is to disallow DTMF during a call, can be enabled, don't have the
details with me; it's been a problem a long time ago, and here and now
everything works.

> My hotel (Villa Sassa) has no DSL.
> My hotel does offer an 802.11b WLAN in the lobby, but you need to buy
> 2-hr or 24-hr units that begin once you first connect and
> don't stop until they run out! (e.g. they are billing by time,
> whether or not you even use it ... what a rip off)

Yup, most commercial Hot-Spot pricing schemes are done to skin you one
way or another, what's new?

> My hotel can dial-up with a modem, but ... the hotel still doesn't
> offer worldwide standard RJ-11 USA style phone jacks!! Can you
> believe it in 2004??? So you have to drive down to the Migros at the
> airport in Lugano (or maybe another such store) and stock up on
> adapters for AC power and phone jacks.

I know, did the same thing during skiing vacation b/c I left my old T+T
83 adapter at home (tired of lugging around lots of junk).

> GPRS is working here in Lugano with a local "sunrise.ch" GSM phone
> that I am borrowing.
> I can purchase SIM $$ refills easily at the PTT post office in either
> CHF50 or CHF100 denominations ... but the PTT doesn't take
> credit cards Can you believe it in 2004??? (Almost any other store
> or restaurant is taking credit cards so far...)

It's actually even funnier, the PTT is even issuing Mastercards through
Postfinance, but you cannot use them to make payments.

> I haven't yet tried roaming with GPRS, but the sunrise.ch and
> comparis.ch sites claim it's no problem ... doesn't say anything about
> data roaming charges ...?
> For voice roaming, it's just expensive, that's all ... nothing new
> there ...
> By the way, I think I remember that it's illegal in CH to drive while
> speaking on the phone ... not sure ... rental car agency has
> no warning signs ... so I bought a "handsfree" headset but it doesn't
> work well.

Yup it is illegal, but that didn't stop the police officer driving the
eight of us around of using his mobile on the freeway...

> -chris ... so far in Lugano
> P.S. Oh yeah, I now remember how frustrating it is to sit at a red
> light in CH at night time (when everyone has already gone to
> sleep) and you still can't turn right on red!!

And there are about a hundred other things wrong with swiss streets,
where there are better solutions in the US.


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