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swiss-list: Batons au Kirsch

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swiss-list: Batons au Kirsch

From: Massimo Fuchs <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 13:16:08 -1000
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Entrepreneurial cravings and opportunities aside, one of the logistical
challenges with getting your hands on these luscious things here in the U.S.
seems to be the shipping. I know of a case where several boxes were once
sent from Switzerland as a gift. More than 75% arrived broken, with all the
Kirsch of course evaporated.

In addition, if you check lindt.com's online store, you will find the
following remark: "Please note shipments between June 1st and September 27th
can only be sent two day or next day and an additional $4.00 fee will be
charged to each order for the additional insulated packaging required." And
their Germany online store goes even further: "Bitte beachten Sie unsere
Sommerpause vom 31. Mai bis 15. September." So the summer heat is certainly
an additional natural enemy of these batons.

But the biggest obstacle of commercially importing Kirschstängeli into the
U.S. is the law regarding confectionery containing alcohol. Under 21 USC
332(d)(2), they are explicitly considered adulterated food and as such are
under strict federal import regulations and prohibitions. If that is not
enough, they are also subject to additional State laws. Just as an example
of illustration, within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the sale of
confectionery containing alcohol is outright prohibited, as per Section
305.1(b) of their Liquor Code. Maybe legislative minds in Hershey's home
state thought that chocolate with Kirsch must be some sort of fée verte.

It therefore looks like our only hope is, if Sen. Kerry were to get elected
this coming November, that he will sign a presidential order allowing the
import and sale of confectionery containing Kirsch. After all, he attended
school in Zug. But how the different States would feel about federal
interference with their well-intended laws to protect us from such dangerous
adulterated food like Kirschstängeli is yet another story.

So for now, the entrepreneurial opportunity here then seems to be the
manufacture and sale of Virgin Kirschstängeli that are insensitive to heat
and shipping but taste and feel like the delicate real thing. :-)


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