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swiss-list: Child Support

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swiss-list: Child Support

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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 20:49:28 -0500
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Dear Fellows,

I am coming to this letter based on advise by some good people to be clear on
my request.

I am swiss citizen living with my son here in the US. I am now in the
settlement procedure with the my sons father with regards to child support and
well being. The father is a full time employee in switzerland as a CEO. I
have been separated from his father for the last 3 years and I only started
getting some financial help from him about a year ago. He has been sending
$800. a month.

I would like to find out what are the legal obligations of a working parent to
the child and the custodial parent. I have already used most my savings and I
still am here in the US residentially. I am a full time mother right now and
the child is 6 years old.

The father is now visiting from Swistzerland and he is staying here for two
weeks. The kid hasnt seen him for the last two years. He also has full consent
that my son lives with me here in the USA. We are not married and he is the
legal and biological father.

He claims that despite his earnings and my current situation, he will not be
providing any other obligation on his end other than the $800. a month he has
been sending from the last one year.

I know that this is quite a personal question, I have asked the consulate about
this matter and they reckon that they do not deal with this matter.

I just would like to know if there are any available help or advise of
information where I can present this situation and can be dealt rightly.

I am currently in Las Vegas and the father is here too, so it would be the
right time for both of us to look on this before he gets back to Switzerland
and come back in another two years.

Yours truly,

Wilma Feather

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