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Re: swiss-list: Re: Rules regarding Food/Drug imports from Switzerland

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Re: swiss-list: Re: Rules regarding Food/Drug imports from Switzerland

From: Tom Schaer <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:21:14 -0500
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Hey guys:

Don't despair, we cannot afford one more day of this clusterf.... and his
crew in the Oval Office, truthfully, even the "Schöppelimunggi" with
"Houderebäseler" as his VP would do better than this guy. I do not know
one single person in this great country who would not bitch and moan should
they have to undergo such an insane bureaucratic BS...it is the Antithesis
of the Republican Ideologues of "Less Government".....I had to register my
25 honeybee hives with the FDA...I guess I am going to put a "antenna-tag"
(ear-tag) on each of my bees so I can identify them should they ever become
involved in Bioterrorism, since any of my hives will have up to 2500 young
bees emerge daily during the summer months I am going to be quite busy... :)
I apologize if I step on anybody's toes, but this is not too far from what
our "friends" did back in the Ostblock. I'll be happy to continue the
discussion off the list.

Sorry for the ranting.
Thanks Nicole for the article.

Thomas P. Schaer, VMD
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Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2004 12:48 PM
Subject: Re: swiss-list: Re: Rules regarding Food/Drug imports from

> Sarah,
> You're welcome. As far as I saw, you could do it for your mother, if you
> know what exactly and when she is going to send you, and just give her
> the confirmation number.
> I agree with your opinion below. But then again, there are probably many
> things which are worse and need to be corrected first..
> Nicole
> Paris, Sarah wrote:
> >Nicole, thanks for going through the trouble to scooping this out!
> >
> >I guess my mom will have the choic of either becoming a "criminal" by
> >not declaring food items sent as such, and just take her chances, or she
> >will have to forgo sending me any of the things she used to send me.
> >Because there is no way she could possibly navigate this system (not
> >speaking English and not having access to the internet, nor much
> >knowledge of computers.)
> >
> >I wonder if this insanity will be revoked if Bush/Ashcroft get kicked
> >out of the office -- unfortunately, I rather doubt it. The number of
> >people suffering from this nonsense is probably too insignificant to
> >raise the required stink. The wealthy, after all, can always purchase
> >the $60 bottles of Swiss Kirsch offered at ye olde upscale Fine Wine &
> >Spirits store. (But how will I get my Melisana???)
> >
> >:-(
> >Sarah
> >
> >
> >
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