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Re: swiss-list: Swiss expression

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Re: swiss-list: Swiss expression

From: Chris Cavigioli <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2004 06:28:22 -0800
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Hoi Zaeme!
I've had to laugh reading this thread. I grew up in USA with my Swiss mom often saying this, although she spoke it out more like
"Gopp-fried Stutz na-mal!" and as little kids we liked to imitate her. When we moved to Buelach, Switzerland while I was in the 6th
grade, we suddenly discovered that this is a common Swiss phrase which basically means: "darn it!"

I had to laugh when I read about the 1 CHF promotion. Great marketing! It's one of those real funny Swiss-only inside jokes that
are hard to translate to non-Swiss.

Well, I'd be happy to learn more about the etymology of this term. If anyone else has solid facts, please share...

interesting links:
http://www.wer-weiss-was.de/theme197/article740659.html (another such discussion)

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  in addition to the previous comments: 'Stutz' is also used as a term
  for money, in particular the 1 Swiss franc coin - comparable to the
  term 'bucks' / '1 buck' for dollars. Therefore a Swiss newspaper also
  had a promotion called 'Gottfried Stutz' (I'm not sure if they used an
  alternative spelling) when they sold their paper for 1 CHF.


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