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swiss-list: UBS Banktransfer

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swiss-list: UBS Banktransfer

From: Porsche turbo <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:15:35 -0500
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Good morning,

it actually is very easy to transfer funds either way and you don't need to
speak "Greek" or "Russian"!!!

Routing means that you have to ask UBS, which Bank they do transfers in the USA
with. Let me give you an example. I live in Rhode Island, my Bank is Fleet, my
Swiss Bank is UBS. I transfer money with them to UBS or visa versa all the
time. They transfer the money first to J.P. Morgan Bank in NewYork and then
they will transfer it to UBS Switzerland. Go to your local Bank which you bank
with and ask them, which Bank they use in the USA as a ROUTING Bank for UBS
Switzerland. Or ask UBS Switzerland which Bank they use as their ROUTING BANK
ex USA. To make it clear once more, ROUTING # means transfer from your Bank
here to an USA International Bank( Fleet Bank Boston, J.P.Morgan, Bank of
America, just to mention a few)then they will send your money to your account
in Switzerland. " SWIFT" is a method of transfer which get's there rather fast
(when I do SWIFT from here that means within 24 to 48 hrs). Most important, all
my transfers are made only with the ABA #. Each Bank Branch of any Bank in
Switzerland or USA has their own ABA #. So please ask your Bank Branch in
Geneva what their ABA # is. Now to make it clear for your transfer you need:

UBS Branch ABA # in Geneva, your account # in Geneva, the amount you want to

go to your Bank in Salt Lake City which you have an account with, give them the
ABA# from UBS Branch Geneva, the amount you want to transfer, tell them which
way, for example" SWIFT" ( there are many ways) and you are all set.

Make sure it is not more then $10'000.-- per transfer because thanks to the USA
we now have to proof how we made that money or where it came from.

Good luck with your transfer. Just in case you still have trouble with the
above, here is the Tel.# of my Branch in Zurich, call Barbara Rudnitzky, 011 41
1 234-2731( this is her direct #). She is fantastic and I am sure she will
gladly help you with Geneva!!!

Gabriela Hirth
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Received on Fri Jan 16 2004 - 10:28:07 PST

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