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swiss-list: March 98 update of the Swiss-List web site.

DISCLAIMER: Any opinion expressed by a contributor is to be considered his/her own personal opinion, not the opinion of any other swiss-list member, the swiss-list website managers or the swiss-list committee.

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swiss-list: March 98 update of the Swiss-List web site.

From: Laurent Vuilleumier <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 10:09:16 -0800
X-Mailer: Mozilla 2.02 (X11; I; IRIX 5.2 IP20)
Status: RO

Hi everybody,
     I updated the Swiss-List web pages. They were quite a lot of stuff
     to add. Changes are the following:

> A new Swiss food page has been added thanks to Laurent Piguet.
> The page about the meeting with the State Secretary for Science and
  Research is linked in the main page.
> I added a Science in the Bay Area page, because the SF Bay Area page
  was going in to many different directions. The SF Bay Science page
  has links to the sites of main research centers (around the Bay) and
  to some major science organisations in the US. This is still pretty
  lean, tell me what you think I should add.
> I divided the old social events page in a page that only announce
  the next social event (pretty empty now) and a separated photo
  compilation. This way, you will not have to load all the photos when
  you just want to know where we will meet.
> The feedback became a form instead to be a mailto (thanks to
  Laurent P.)
> In General Swiss web site, I added links to the Federal
  administration, to the Swiss National Science Foundation, and to
  the A3SFIT (US alumni association). I also mention there the Science
  and Technology site at the Swiss Embassy.
> I also added the Swiss National Science Foundation to the Job page,
  plus I added links to a server for Space career, another for
  science and technology in Europe, and a couple others.
> In Swiss newspapers and communication media, I added the link to the
> The page about the phone contest went through a major update. The
  providers are the same, but phone charges are updated. Christian
  Simm and Robert Rogenmoser provided most of the new numbers.
> The Tips for Swiss Post-docs page also got major additions. Michael
  Rys provided lots of new tips.
> The pages "What is the Swiss-List?" and "What is in the Swiss-List?"
  had minor change to reflect the Swiss-List evolution.
> I added the a link to the "J1-Visa page" at the USIA in the
  administrative stuff page.

You probably all know the Swiss-list web address: www.swiss-list.com.
You might have to force a reload to have access to the new version if
you have a cache. As usual, I welcome feedback and suggestions. I
remind you that the swiss-list is very informal. We have no president,
vice-president, chief financial officer or what not. If you have great
ideas about what should be done, or wish to influence the developpement
of the swiss-list you can always get in touch with active people
(roughly the people that sign stuff on the web site). Currently,
Laurent Mieville, Laurent Piguet, Hansjurg Jost, Marc-Olivier Andre
and me keep in touch and discuss often about the swiss-list. Last
point, I have been asked why we restrict the swiss-list to the SF Bay
Area. The reason is that we prefer to stay focused and cover as well
as we can this region rather than loosely all California or all US.
Another point is the relatively large size of the Swiss community
around the bay, and also the impact this region has on the rest of
the world (I am not claiming that the world's future is decided here,
I am just saying that people often hear about this region, e.g Silicon
Valley, Stanford, UC Berkeley...). I also have trouble to think to a
way to organise local networking (e.g. social events) on a larger scale.
On the other hand, some action we take are relevant to people outside
the SF Bay area. It is obvious that anybody is free to surf our web,
become a swiss-lister (if behaving correctly), profit from our action,
and make suggestions.

Well, that should be all, sorry for this very verbose mail.


Laurent Vuilleumier               e-mail: L_Vuilleumier_at_lbl.gov
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory      phone : (510) 486-6108
1 Cyclotron Road, 29C             fax   : (510) 486-7303
Berkeley, CA 94720
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