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swiss-list: Tax information workshop

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swiss-list: Tax information workshop

From: Laurent Vuilleumier <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 19:34:35 -0800
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Hello everybody,
                 If you were in the US as a J1 (or else, let's say
not as a tourist) during 1997, you are soon supposed to fill a tax
form. This one is due sometime around mid-April. The International
House of UC Berkeley is organising tax workshops for international
scholars. If you do not know exactly how to fill a tax form, these
workshops are very helpful.

The UC Berkeley (actually, they do not check if you are working at
UCB) workshops are held at the International House, in the Ida and
Sproul rooms, 2299 Piedmont Avenue, Berkeley from 4:10 to 6:00 p.m.
The workshops will take place on the following days:

Wednesday, February 4
Friday, February 13
Wednesday, February 18
Monday, February 23
Wednesday, March 4
Monday, March 23
Friday, March 27
Wednesday, April 1
Monday, April 6
Friday, April 10

No reservation are necessary.

If you know of similar workshops held at other educational or research
center in the bay area (Stanford, NASA Ames...) please let the other
member of the Swiss-List know.


Laurent Vuilleumier               e-mail: L_Vuilleumier_at_lbl.gov
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory      phone : (510) 486-6108
1 Cyclotron Road, 29C             fax   : (510) 486-7303
Berkeley, CA 94720
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