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swiss-list: Swiss-List: Member List

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swiss-list: Swiss-List: Member List

From: Marc-Olivier Andre <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 08:51:57 -0800 (PST)
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Dear colleagues,
Dear friends,

As you may know, the Swiss-List website


contains a list of some of the 'Swiss' scientists presently active in the
San Francisco Bay Area. I write 'Swiss' between quotation marks because the
Swiss-List is not restricted to Swiss nationals only, but rather to people
who have studied or earned a Ph.D. in Switzerland, and who have recently moved
to the Bay Area. A substantial number of us have come here with the support
of the Swiss National Science Fundation. The member list can be found at


and does not contain all those who have subscribed to the mailing list, but
only the persons who have sent their professional data to Laurent Mieville
or myself. For each person the current Field of activity, the Workplace, and
the E-Mail address are mentioned. We have also created a section 'Alumni' for
those who have left the Bay Area and who were on the list previously.

This list is purely informal and its main intent is to encourage and facilitate
contacts between the 'Swiss' in the Bay Area and the scientific, industrial and
technological community in Switzerland. We hope that the 'Alumni' will also be
able to provide valuable feedback for those who wish or are about to return
to Switzerland.

As of today, 49 persons are listed in 6 categories. Please take a look at your
entry and let me know if you wish to have it modified, corrected or placed
in another category. There is an active link to the respective company or
academic institution. If you feel that the link is not specific enough (I think
of big websites like www.stanford.edu or www.intel.com) send me a more accurate

Although there may be good reasons for not willing to appear on the
list, I would like to encourage everyone who may not have sent me his/her data
yet, to do so. (Currently, only 60 % of those on the mailing list are on the
member list.) Our hope is that the member list will be to the benefit of all of

I wish you all the best for your activities here in the Bay Area!

Best regards,

                                                        Marc-Olivier Andre

Marc-Olivier Andre Phone: +1 510 642 3634/4376
University of California Fax: +1 510 642 1304
Department of Physics E-mail: andre_at_physics.berkeley.edu
366 LeConte Hall #7300
Berkeley, CA 94720-7300

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