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swiss-list: update

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swiss-list: update

From: Laurent Mieville <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 19:04:00 -0800
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.71.1712.3
Status: RO

Hi all,

Happy new year 98 for everybody. This year starts with some action as some
of you already know. I take this occasion to update you on ongoing
activities which will take place soon:

Charles Kleiber , the secretary of state for research will be in the Bay
area friday and saturday next week. The good news is that he accepted to
meet few people from the swiss-list for a 1h1/2 meeting about the situation
of young scientists. Laurent Vuilleumier , Laurent Piguet, Hans-Jurg Jost
and me will attend the meeting. Following L. Vuilleumier ' email, we are
preparing a report about your remarks. We will also present the swiss-list
during this session. Some of you may also have received an invitation to
attend a small reception the day before organized by the consulate, the
place is also limited so they had to do also a selection. :-(
In any case, the report and the results of the discussion will be emailed to
everybody from the list so you can follow this issue as well.

The Swiss television will also be in the bay area during that period to
cover the visit of Charles Kleiber. The second good news is that they are
also interested in meeting as many people as possible from the swiss-list
and to film us during a fondue at San Francisco. This is also good occasion
to enjoy another fondue (hopefully better :-) ) together.

We have found a nice place on Van Ness at San Francisco to get together:

Saturday 24th of January at 8:30pm, Restaurant "Matterhorn, Chalet Style,
Swiss-German Speciality "
2323 Van Ness @ Green tel 415 885 6116.

Please email me before wednesday 21th so I can make the final arrangement

I am looking forward to see you all there !


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