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startup: Looking for Swiss startups active in the US

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startup: Looking for Swiss startups active in the US

From: Pascal Marmier <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 14:48:35 -0400
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Dear entrepreneurial friends,

This list has been rather calm recently. However, I still have see
entrepreneurs from Switzerland interested in expanding into the US.
Recently, we welcomed 15 promising (would be) entrepreneurs in the context
of a program called NETS (new entrepreneurs in technology and science).
Supported by the Gebert Ruef foundation, these young people with scientific
backgrounds come to Boston for visits, talks, networking and 5 days of
academic training at Babson U.
Web site: www.new-entrepreneurs.ch

The reason for this email is that I am helping a Swiss magazine (Market)
prepare an article on Swiss hightech startups, in the IT and nanotech
fields, active in the US. They would like to profile companies with
innovative technologies. I have listed the ones I know below, but would be
grateful for any other ideas you might have.

Enjoy the summer!

-- Pascal

     Digital imaging application
     Head of business development
     Product used by leading TV broadcasters during Olympics
     Unique product based on research at university. Great visibility in the
sports industry in the USA

      Albert Inc
     Information retrieval software
     CEO, Beth Krasna
     Truly multinational company (US, France, Switzerland).
     IT company that survived the dot com crash. Top management.

      CSM Instruments
     Surface Measurement Equipment
     Nick Randall
     Opened US office to get more visibility and support the efforts of
     Self-funded high-tech company investing money to expand into US
expect 1/3rd of revenues from US.

     Book summaries delivered on the Internet
     Rolf Dobelli
     Started simultaneously in US and Switzerland. Deals with large
     Simple idea evolved in large company with offices abroad and large
network of clients and freelance writers.

     Proteomics / life science

     US office based in NJ. Strategic deals with major pharmas.
     World-class resource for analysis of proteins. Leading experts on

     Jim Aberson
     Recently opened US office. Active presence in US.
     Solid VC financing and good prospects in a growing market.


Pascal Marmier
SHARE - Swiss House Boston
Consulate of Switzerland
Advisor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
420 Broadway
Cambridge, MA 02138
Direct: (617) 876-3076 ext. 13
Fax: (617) 876-3079
Cell: (617) 331-3989
EMail: pascal_at_creativeswitzerland.com

Web: www.SHAREBoston.org

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