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RE: Need a job for my girlfriend

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RE: Need a job for my girlfriend

From: Amiot Enterprises Info <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 17:25:01 -0800
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Visa K may be a bit extreme but could be a solution if you are a citizen
(as your SPAWAR/Navy.mil e-mail would suggest ;-))...
If she has a 1 year work experience she could try to persuade her
current employer to transfer her to SD - or let her open their operation
in SD...
She could also bootstrap her own H1B by creating her own Business... (if
interested get back to me:I will give you the address of a lawyer that
does that sort of things, this solution may or may not be available to
Swiss Nationals [ e.g. French: OK, Israeli: NO])

Your best bet may be to obtain the list of Swiss companies in SD from
the Economic Mission of the Swiss Consulate in SD (or LA or SF) and
contact them:

* Postal Address: Consulate General of Switzerland, 456 Montgomery
Street, Suite 1500, San Francisco, CA 94104-1233

* Phone: 415-788-2272

* Fax: 415-788-1402

* Email: <mailto:vertretung_at_sfr.rep.admin.ch>

* Office hours:
Monday thru Thursday:
07.30 am to 04.30 pm
07.30 am to 02.00 pm

* Visitors hours:
Monday thru Friday:
09.00 am to 12.00 noon

* Links to:
Visa Desk,
> Cultural Events,
<http://www.eda.admin.ch/washington_emb/e/home/swiclu/list.html> Swiss


Check also the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in SD for advice:.

* Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
Pius Kampfen, Chairman
P.O. Box 26007
San Francisco, CA 94126
(415) 433-6679
(415) 433-6601
e-mail: swissamericanchamber_at_hotmail.com
website: www.amcham.ch <http://www.amcham.ch/>

* Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce
Roger Wacker, Chairman
1900 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 2701
Los Angeles, CA 90067
(626) 974-5429
(626) 974-5439
website: www.amcham.ch

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Subject: Need a job for my girlfriend


I'm not sure if I'm doing this right but I thought I'd just send an
e-mail and find out.

My girlfriend lives in Switzerland and she is coming out to San Diego.
She graduated from a hotel school and has a degree in hospitality
management. We need to find her a job but it's very difficult do to the
visa limitations. Basically she has two options: Work on a J1 visa or
an H1B. The H1B is the best because she can stay longer and it's really
designed for postgraduates, whereas the J1 is for undergrads.
Nonetheless she'd gladly work for someone if they'd sponsor the J1 visa.

So, we would greatly appreciate it if someone knew of employers that
sponsored H1B or J1 visa's in San Diego. She is looking for something
in hospitality or anything business related.


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