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Disclaimer: the information on this page may be outdated, partly incorrect, not apply to you or be flat out wrong. Use this information only after cross checking. You have been warned!

Furniture (cont'd)

Here is an extensive list of places I usually look into when purchasing furniture.

Busvans (900 Battery St. between Green and Valleyo, SF) - voted "best place in SF to buy furniture" according to SF Guardian. They have a very large selection (of great and awful stuff) and the prices are reasonable. $$

Right next door to Busvans there's Designer's Choice which is also not bad to check out while you're in that area anyway. $$

Then there is the Scandinavian Design Store (2101 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley) which has some great furniture - alas expensive (great deals on sale items though). Make sure to check out the entire store incl. mezzanine, 2nd floor and basement. $$$

A couple blocks away is Gorman & Sons (2599 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley). They make and sell great quality unfinished furniture such as tables, book shelves, cabinets, etc. incl. all the stains and varnishes you need to "paint" the furniture yourself. $$-$$$

Target has quite a good selection when it comes to cabinets, dressers, book shelves, etc. and most of their stuff is better quality than IKEA. $

If you're looking for a really good European bed (not the US box spring stuff) check out European Sleepworks (2966 Adeline St. at Shattuck, Berkeley). Quite expensive but definitely worth it. $$$

CORT, the furniture rental place has several outlets all over the Bay Area where they sell their second hand furniture. $

IKEA still have the best deals going when it comes to chairs and sofas. $

COSTCO is also a great place to buy office furniture and electronic goods (TVs, VCR, cameras, etc.) Since they're a Cash&Carry you need to get a membership ($40 a year) to shop there. $

Last but not least there is Wal*Mart and KMart. They have some basic and reasonably sturdy kitchen tables at very affordable prices. $

WWW.ZIP2.COM is another great resource for searching additional businesses in your area (incl. maps and driving directions). Good luck!

Submitted by: Darius Somary

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