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Disclaimer: the information on this page may be outdated, partly incorrect, not apply to you or be flat out wrong. Use this information only after cross checking. You have been warned!


Finding an apartment is one of the first major goals when arriving here.

You can find information through universities housing offices, local newspapers and the Internet. It is advisable to organize a room from Switzerland for the first few weeks (local contacts and newsgroups such as ba.market.housing and su.market are helpful). After arrival the first steps should be to get a Social Security Number, a Californian drivers License, and a bank account. All three can be extremely helpful for searching for an apartment. Housing in the Bay Area is pretty expensive (compared to US standards). People leaving in Zurich, Geneva or Lausanne will have a sense of déjà-vu. Due to the high rents, it makes sense to rent a room in a shared household if one is single. For families it is advisable to look around for cheap but acceptable housing. At the moment (November 00), a 2 bedroom apartment (3 to 3 1/2 Swiss rooms) will cost between $1600 and $2400 in Berkeley, and $1250 (low standard or subsidized) and $2400 in Stanford. Tip for Stanford affiliates: Apply for a wait-list position for the Stanford subsidized Welch Road Apartments (just off-campus). UC Berkeley has a Housing and Dining Service that can help you, and the University of Stanford has a Renting an apartment in the Palo Alto area page. The Berkeley Housing and Dining service is located at 2401 Bowditch Street, between Haste and Channing, tel.: (510) 642 0706. You need to be either a UC student or faculty/staff member (faculty/staff have better choices). Fees range from $35 to $50 (according to the level of service you want).

Submitted by: Claudio Fleiner

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