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san-diego: Swiss Exchange Student

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san-diego: Swiss Exchange Student

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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 23:57:48 EDT
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Hi there.

Maybe you all can help me--I am a volunteer for the EF Foundation, which is
a non-profit organization for international high school exchange students. I
am an International Exchange Coordinator (IEC) and my role is to find
suitable host families for our students and then ensure that the student and family
have an optimal experience. I live in the San
Diego area and I am looking for caring families to host some of our students
 for the Fall 2005 school year.

I have many students from all over the world that your members might be
interested in, but there is one Swiss boy in particular that I'd like to mention:
His name is Manuel and he loves sports and music, and has traveled
internationally with his family. All of our students already have school placements
arranged for them--they just need a great home.

Could you pass this along to anyone that you think might be interested? The
only obligation in hosting is room and board, and of course a safe and loving

Please feel free to contact me with specific questions about Manuel or any
of our students or the EF program; I can be reached at this email address
(laurellester_at_aol.com) or via my cell phone at 858-229-3787.

Thanks in advance; I really appreciate your time.


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