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san-diego: A new Swiss family in San Diego?

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san-diego: A new Swiss family in San Diego?

From: Caterine Kamber <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 14:07:51 -0800

Dear Swiss Citizen of San Diego, could you help my Swiss family?

I have decided to address myself to you all in an attempt to find a
solution for my yet to become family. I'm Caterine, a Swiss Citizen
who has resided 12 years in California, 5 in San Diego. During the
last couple years, I have been staying in Switzerland most of the
time, this for family reason. During this time, I have fallen in love
with a man, a Swiss citizen.

Having now completed my family obligations, I'm ready to come back to
San Diego, a place I have missed tremendously. Now, here comes
totally unexpected the news that I'm pregnant. I'm desperately
looking at solutions to keep this child and start a family with my
boy-friend and at the same time, I'm clear I need to have this child
in the USA as I could no longer consider staying in Switzerland,
feeling too stranded and out of touch with my numerous friends I have
in San Diego. Of course, that means too that I do not consider living
my pregnancy and having my life as a new Mom, away from the father of
the baby.

In order for me to feel I can keep this baby, I need to know there is
a solution for my boy-friend to come and live with me in California.
I have a permanent Green Card and so with time, could get him to have
a work permit as well, but that will take time. I'm a Healer and
Health Practitioner and so would find it hard to financially support
the whole family, especially the few months before and after giving

I was thinking of all of you as I saw this web-site, hoping that
someone would know of some possible ways for a Swiss Man to find some
work in San Diego, may be with a Swiss Company or any other
suggestion would be welcome. He is presently working as a human
resources consultant for Swisscom, being the project manager for the
introduction of a new Case Management model. He is holding a Federal
Licence as a Social Insurances Expert (Eidg. Dipl.
Sozialversicherungs-Fachmann). Also, he has some good experiences as
an horticulturist, wine-trade sale man and is talented with any
building crafts.

As well, we are looking for a house or a comfortable, quite place to
stay from the month of July 2004 on, for at least 6 months. My
boy-friend has a beautiful chalet up on a Swiss Mountain, which we
could rent out for vacation time or if any possibility opens up,
trade house with someone in San Diego who would like to return to CH
for 6 months (lesser or longer times possible too).

We are open to hear any ideas that you could think off or hear any of
your stories on how you settled down in San Diego. We need
inspiration and support from the community.

We are thanking you in advance for taking the time to read this
message and giving it any thoughts. You might help a little soul to
see one day this world and California and for a Swiss family to
become a real possibility.

I will be in California from March 9 through May 6, 2004 and be
reachable through my voice-mail 858/233-9628 or through the internet
at: cat_at_adnc.com. My boy-friend will be coming to California for a
few weeks from April 15 till May 6, 2004.

With warm Regards,


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