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swiss-list-admin: All swiss-list email lists are now moderated

DISCLAIMER: Any opinion expressed by a contributor is to be considered his/her own personal opinion, not the opinion of any other swiss-list member, the swiss-list website managers or the swiss-list committee.

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swiss-list-admin: All swiss-list email lists are now moderated

From: Claudio Fleiner <click for textversion of email address >
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 07:12:39 GMT
X-Mailer: vmh for vim (v0.2) http://www.fleiner.com/vmh/

Dear Swiss-List Members,

if you have checked our mailing list web page lately you may have discovered
that we switched to a moderated email list about two month ago. The Swiss-List
Committee (basically the people organizing events and running the website)
decided to do this due to an increased number of viruses and spam messages.

Since moderation started we catched numerous messages:

         - viruses
         - spam
         - people subscribing each other and sending obscene complaints
           to the list
         - targeted scam
         - messages sent to the wrong list or multiple lists

We've also started to enforce our guidelines in that messages sent as word
documents have been refused, as have messages with large attachments (in those
cases we work with the sender to have the message converted, or have large
images posted somewhere on the web or even the swiss-list web site with a
pointer in the email message, so far this worked fine). These attachments use
up a lot of (expensive) space in the web archive and the Swiss-List doesn't
have the resources to pay for that space. We have also redirected some messages
sent to the general list to the regional list.

However, in no cases were messages suppressed because the moderator did not
like them due to their content.

The downside to the moderation is of course that messages are delayed. Under
most circumstances messages sent during the week will be delayed at most 6 to
12 hours, messages sent during the weekend may be delayed by up to 48 hours.

The moderator hat is passed around in the committee depending on availability,
time, access to a reasonable mail client. If you have any questions you can
always reach the current moderator at moderator_at_swiss-list.com . We have
currently one moderator for all lists. If you have a problem with the current
moderator please contact committee_at_swiss-list.com .

We even have a set of guidelines for moderators:

Greetings, Claudio Fleiner

P.S.: If you think that the swiss-list has been slow this week you are
       correct, but this has nothing to do with moderation. For some reason many
       mail server were rather slow this week, and as each message is sent
       serially to each recipient a few slow servers delay messages for
       everyone. I suspect that the sircam virus and/or Red Code worm is to
       blame. Hopefully it will improve soon.

PP.S.: As you can see there is a new mailing list called swiss-list-admin.
       Everyone that is subscribed to one of our mailing lists is automatically
       subscribed to this one. This list is only for administrative purposes,
       so don't even think about posting to it :-). Replies to this message
       should be directed to swiss-list_at_swiss-list.com

If you are subscribed to any of the swiss-list mailing lists
you will get this email. To unsubscribe go to
Received on Fri Aug 03 2001 - 07:20:04 PDT

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